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Mirror Covers(1)

UPDATE: Added Dark Destiny by M.J.Putney. I now realise that it might not be the same picture as in the first three book covers. Rather than this I guess that it is the same model in a slightly different position, barely differenciable.

Hey everyone ~~ Sorry for the lack of updates these days. I've been busy with exams and it's not over yet.
Since I've wanted to do this for a long time... here is a new column: Mirror Covers. I've seen that many books share the same image on their cover.
So... here we go :D

INCUBUS by Carol Goodman ~~ GRAVE by Melissa Darnell ~~ DARK COMPANION by Marta Acosta
They all look almost the same, especially the last two covers. Which one is your favorite? I like Dark Companion the most. I also like the font used on Grave.

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