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Vivid statues

We search for more around us, trying to surround our lives with as many things as we can: it is our need of having someone to look at and making sure that we are never alone. We may think that statues are just lifeless sculptures but we crave to have them in our backyard, beautifully looking at us. And when we look at them more carefully we see them bathing in the sunlight, absorbing the warm rays of sun and telling us a story that we have never heard of before.

The little girl carefully smoothens her hair while the boy near her is looking away.

With her dress fluttering in the light air, the girl dances in the sunlight and puts her hert at ease.

It's like she is lost in time with her eaves softly pressed on her eyes, dreaming of a faraway place.

The setting of the sun announces the end of a day but it seems like a beautiful start for a moment of relaxation and peacefulness.

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