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Books and ice-cream

inghetata carti daruri puteri voci ursula le guin

A few weeks ago I ended up in Techirghiol at a very well known monastery. It came to my surprise to see many more people than usually! It turned out that the relics of some saints had been brought there and we came just in time to pray. I was a little sceptic about the little unplaned trip to Techirghiol that day but it turned out to be really amazing and relaxing! I also found a really cute bookstore and, since I am a bookaholic, I had to snoop around the shelves filled with books. I was really amazed to find some popular books at some low prices, fact for which I bought the Annals of the Western Shore series by Ursula Le Guin! I am really curious to see how this author writes since I have hear some interesting things about her series.

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