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Here's a list of interviews with different authors! I always tried to ask authors questions that fit their book(s) and sometimes personal life! Please leave a comment if you feel like doing so! Enjoy and thank you for passing by. (▰˘◡˘▰)


Interview with Sarah Prineas, author of Winterling

✽ Interview with Jessica Khoury, author of Origin
✽ Interview with Emma Michaels, author of Owlet(Society of Feathers #1)
Interview with Tammara Webber, author of Easy
Interview with Nikki Jefford, author of the series Spellbound
Interview with Kathryn Fitzmaurice, author of Destiny Rewritten
Interview with Intisar Khanani, author of Thorn
Interview with Meira Pentermann, author of Firefly Beach
Interview with Latimer and Ridley, authors of Legend Unleashed
✽ Giveaway and Interview with T.Rae Mitchell, author of Fate's Fables
✽ Interview with Trisha Wolfe, author of Fireblood
Interview with Jennifer Silverwood, author of Stay
Interview with Mona Hanna, author of High Witch & Prentor series
Interview with Christina Mercer, author of Arrow of the Mist
Interview with Rory B. Mackay, author or Eladria
Interview with Bryony Pearce, author of The Weight of Souls

✽ Interview with Julie Cassar, author of Ruby Blue
✽ Interview with Maureen Doyle McQuerry, author of The Peculiars
✽ Giveaway + Interview with Jessica E. Subject, author of The Zurian Child
Interview with D.L. Richardson, author of The Bird With The Broken Wing
✽ Interview with Mariss Burt, author of Storybound
✽ Interview with Kimberly Sabatini, author of Touching The Surface
✽ Interview with Karen Amanda Hooper, author of The Kindrily series
✽ Interview with Stephanie Keyes, author of The Star Child
✽ International Giveaway + Interview with Adrienne Clarke , author of "To Dance In Liradon"

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